Worldwide Fellowship of Christians in Action

Tele-Missions International carries the Good News of Jesus Christ to all corners of the earth through its regular support of both foreign and national missionaries.

“When Christians cease to be outgoing in their missionary vision,” says Dr. Gordon Anderson, Founder of Tele-Missions, “they are limiting the Holy Spirit. The Lord wants all of us as His children to personally reach out to help others through missions.”

Regarding the money which Tele-Missions gives towards this purpose, Dr. Anderson states, “It’s not Tele-Missions’ money for our missions… It’s God’s money for God’s missions. No church, no denomination, no organization has a fence around God’s Kingdom. We are co-laborers together with Christ.”

The prayerful support of our Tele-Missions family enables us to support a variety of worthwhile mission programs, including printing and distributing of Bibles and Gospel literature.

From its beginning in 1954, Tele-Missions International has also been committed to sharing the Gospel through a continuous program of Evangelistic Crusades, Conferences, Seminars, Banquets and other special outreach programs held at Churches, Bible Conferences and Colleges and Seminaries.

“Indeed,” says Dr. Anderson, “to do the work of an evangelist will always be upon my heart till my last breath.”

Because of their strong commitment, Dr. and Mrs. Anderson traveled constantly, conducting special services at churches, colleges and youth camps throughout much of the United States. Their travels have also taken them to Alaska and the Pacific Northwest as well as Norway. Wherever they go, they have but one desire—to lead people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Tele-Missions began producing a unique series of 15 minute films for television, known as Focus on Faith. Each program features Dr. Anderson, on location, interviewing noted Christians, who testify to what the Bible means in their lives.

These candid, unrehearsed testimonies have been instrumental in leading hundreds of viewers to Christ as they watched or listened to Focus on Faith in their homes, in motel rooms, prison cells and hospitals.

Tele-Missions International News from the field…
Our M.A.F. Team is moving forward……

Bruce and Wendy DeVries and family

Bruce and Wendy DeVries are missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship. After ten years of service in Venezuela as a pilot/mechanic, the DeVries were assigned on-loan to Moody Aviation in Spokane, WA, for almost four years as an advanced instructor pilot family. Bruce and Wendy, with their three daughters Rebecca, Emmalee, and Ana, recently finished a 3-year term involved in the exciting ministry of MAF in Oaxaca, Mexico. Known in most of Latin America as Alas de Socorro, Bruce served there in the pilot/mechanic missionary role. They will be returning on-loan to Moody Aviation in 2015 to fill a crucial role in preparing the next generation of missionary aviators for service with MAF and other mission organizations. Their son Daniel is working full-time and planning to continue at Moody Bible Institute-Spokane in the Biblical studies major. Please pray and continue to support Bruce, Wendy and Family.

Israel and Julie Zalazar—our missionaries in Argentina

Israel and Julie Zalazar and Caleb

From Julie and Israel:  Please pray for souls to be saved…Please pray for my husband Israel who has started to disciple a young man, Lucil.  Please pray also as I continue to disciple Camila.  Please pray for both of these young people as they continue to grow in the Lord.  There is so much that can be done here.  We are so excited to be a part of a new little church here in helping them to grow.  San Lucas is just a few minutes outside the city of Salta.  It is a new church so the people are meeting in a small house they are renting.  They have purchased a piece of land nearby and are in the process of trying to build a church there.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers.  Please pray for good health, safety and that God will continue to help us reach these people

The Bower Family!

Brett and Celine Bower and family

Our Ministry in France

After serving in Kosovo for 4 years, we transitioned to France in 2010. France has a population of 66 million people. Once the cradle of the Protestant Reformation, today only ½ percent are evangelical Christians with very few cities having “Gospel” churches. The C&MA U.S. has been in France close to 40 years partnering with the French C&MA national church called L’Alliance des Eglises Chretiennes Missionaires which consists of 30 churches. Half of those churches are Asian ethnic churches (Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Hmong). Currently, ten C&MA families are in 4 cities involved in church planting & leadership development. This includes Envision site staff for short-term teams & interns.
During our first year in France, we were full time language students in Albertville, France. Then we moved north to the capital Paris which has a population of 10 million people. We partnered with Trinity International Church ( as directors of their cultural outreach center called “Genesis.” Our ministry included (pre-)evangelism,d discipleship, mentoring & leadership development. During the last two years, Brett was also served as the C&MA Paris Team leader and the C&MA France Field Director. Our plans are to return to Paris in July 2016.