Our unique Scholarship program was born after the unexpected death of the Founder’s son, Paul Timothy Anderson, who died very suddenly at the age of nineteen due to a cerebral hemorrhage following a basketball game.  Paul was a student at Houghton College in Western New York State preparing for the Cristian Ministry.  Following his death on March 13, 1965, Paul’s parents, Dr. Gordon and Marion Anderson, felt led of God to establish this Scholarship program to carry on the dedication of Paul’s brief life and thus encourage and inspire other young lives to enter Christian Service wherever the Lord would lead them.  More than *(300)* Scholarships have been awarded to date.  The Scholarships are made possible by the gifts of friends and supporting churches across America.  All gifts are tax deductible and are used 100% towards this unique Scholarship program.

Annually, Tele-Missions awards Scholarships to Christian Colleges to aid needy and worthy students preparing for Christian service.  The schools usually select the students to be awarded this Memorial Scholarship.  Pictures of the Scholarship recipients, along with their personal notes of appreciation are published in our National Newsletter.



Rodney Carter Receives TMI International Scholarship

Rodney, is the recipient of the TMI International Scholarship awarded at the 60th memorial
banquet. He addressed the board members and banquet guests expressing his encouragement and heartfelt thanks as he presses on in the Lord’s service “telling
multitudes the good news”!

victoriaVictoria Bachman received a Paul Timothy Anderson scholarship in loving memory of Dr. Gordon S. Anderson, Sr.

From a couple of her faculty mentors:
“Victoria is an outstanding scholar who has performed well in examinations, in biblical research papers and exegesis, and in class presentations. We need more ministerial
material like her.”
Victoria stated:
“I plan to work in Children’s Ministry in some capacity, in a church or as a teacher. I also hope to write curriculum for children’s ministers to use.”

Scholarship Houghton College

 Nathan Coffey
place holder

Trinity College 2010 Jacob Mauldin

Dr. Wayne Gardner and scholarship recipient,Toccoa Falls College 2010



Joshua Taylor receives TMI Scholarship at Toccoa Falls College in Georgia




Lauren receives TMI Scholarship at Houghton College in New York

KaitlinFerris-1Kaitlin receives TMI Scholarship at Houghton College in New York

“I am writing to express my absolute gratitude in regards to your generosity through the Paul Timothy Anderson scholarship. This scholarship is a tremendous blessing to me, and it is through the faithfulness of people such as yourself that I am able to continue my education here at Houghton. It is my dream to live a passionate and humble life for God and to bring Him glory through authentic ministry. Thank you for helping to enable me to do that. May you be blessed in the abundance of God’s peace and grace!


MeganWeas-1 scholarship

Meagan receives TMI Scholarship at Trinity College in Florida