Lancaster Bible College 2009

“I want to thank you for this scholarship that you have presented to me.
It is truly appreciated. I hope your ministry is blessed and will become a
wonderful working force for Christ. I am currently at the end of my
freshman year of college. It has been a long and busy year. I am in the
student ministry program and I am hoping that after college I can become a
minister of youth wherever that may be. I have even thought about missions
work. I play volleyball here for the team and I hope to play for all four
years of my enrollment in LBC. Thank you again for your generous
contribution.” —Ken Diller

“Thank you for your monetary blessing…I want to thank you because you
still see it fitting to
help others in need even though our nation’s economy is not at its peak.
Here is a little information about me: I am a senior in the Student
Ministry Program and have spent all of my college days at LBC due to the
generosity of men and women like you. I am involved in many different
areas around campus….Pursuing youth and young adult ministries will be my
goal after graduating next May. All of this is being made possible because
of you and your stewardship. If I could ask one more thing, it would be
that you pray for me as I enter my senior year. I want to Finish Strong!!
Thank you once again.” —Carl Edwards, Jr.

The Lord bless you for giving and thank you [for] blessing me… It is
great of Tele-Missions International to show the Lord’s love by helping
myself and so many others in scholarships. Thank you so much! Although I
am only a freshman, I believe after college I already know I’ll be working
with and counseling children. I strongly desire to go overseas and work in
orphanages. My current student ministry is visiting a Detention center
each week to work with girls… It has been wonderful to share the gospel
with them! …. I desire to do academically well but more importantly have
the Lord mold me into the woman he wants me to be. Thank you again so much
by blessing me with a scholarship. I pray the Lord blesses you for your
giving.—Carissa Oakes