The 2009 Lancaster Bible College Scholarship was given in loving memory of
Edward M. Anderson, younger brother of Gordon, Sr.

Dear Tele-Missions,

Lancaster Bible College students from across the country and around the
world say “Thank you.” We would not be able to educate students to live a
biblical worldview and proclaim Christ by serving Him in church and
society without your financial support. Your commitment demonstrates your
understanding of the valuable benefits an LBC education provides. LBC is a
better place because of people like you who truly care about the college
and its mission. Thank you…in every language. Peter W. Teague, EdD.,

Benjamin Stauffer writes:
Thank you so much for providing me with this scholarship. I am so
thankful for the Lord’s provision and his blessings. He never ceases
to amaze me! I am entering my Junior year and look forward to
graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Student Ministry. I plan to
use this degree to encourage youth to become disciples of Jesus

Jenna Godwin wrote to us:
Thank you so much for the Tele-Missions Scholarship. I feel very
blessed to receive it. I am going into my Junior year and am very
excited to get into my Social Work major. This scholarship helps to
lift a burden from me and my parents since my father is without a
job. Thank you again!