Go Ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15)” Tele-Missions International, Inc. had its beginning in Cleveland, Ohio in 1954 when its founders, Dr. Gordon S. Anderson, Sr. and his late wife, Marion, were encouraged and led by a group of businessmen to establish an Evangelical organization as a non-profit, non-denominational, nonsectarian mission. From this beginning Tele-Missions has continuously grown so that today it is a “Worldwide Fellowship of Christians in Action.” Our multiple ministries include: Providing Scholarships to aid needy students at six Christian Colleges; Supporting foreign and national Missionaries; Global Broadcasting; Pastoral Counseling; Bible Teaching and preaching of the Gospel; and distributing free Gospel Literature and Bibles. Support for these ministries comes entirely from Evangelical churches and dedicated Christians who believe that we all have a responsibility to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ – “Go ye into all the world to preach the Gospel.” We are blessed to know that the Lord has enabled us to continue this work for 66 years. We have seen the hand of God work through many of our beloved supporters who have helped to make this ministry viable, unique and helpful to many who have been in need. We thank God and we thank you many times over for your faithfulness and prayers. It is only through the dedication of each of you unto the Lord that this has been made possible. May God continue to bless your life!

Dr. Gordon S. Anderson, Sr. (1920-2013)

and Marion Anderson


Dr. Anderson preaching behind pulpitFor more than 66 years Dr. Anderson, with his wife of 51 years by his side preached the Gospel as Evangelist, Pastor and Bible Teacher. He was a man filled with genuine compassion and Biblical wisdom. Dr. Anderson was a man of prayer who expressed his Evangelical faith with dignity, humility and his golden voice. His wealth of experience in radio and television ministries along with global missions has brought him many invitations to address universities, colleges, seminaries, civic clubs, conferences, banquets and mainline churches across America and Canada. Throughout his life he had been privileged to receive numerous academic honors and awards. His years of experience in ministry qualified him as a sought-out counselor, and he had often been referred to as “a pastor’s pastor.” His beloved wife, Marion, passed into the presence of the Lord in 1992 and Dr. Anderson passed into the presence of the Lord in 2013.


Dr. Gordon S. Anderson, Jr.

Executive Director

Dr. Gordon Anderson, Jr. traveled with his father for many years as a team in Evangelistic services, while filming the Focus on Faith series and producing their expanding television ministry.  These unique Focus on Faith TV productions have been broadcast on satellite and major television networks across America and Canada, reaching countless lives for Christ Jesus.  In recognition of his professional abilities in television and radio productions, Dr. Gordon, Jr., has been honored with awards from the National Religious Broadcasters Int’l., Washington, D.C.  He received an Honorary Doctorate from the Christian Broadcasting University in California.  The ministries of Tele-Missions continues to reach new horizons through the technologies of communication.  Across the miles, let us all unite in prayer and support for Dr. Gordon, Jr. to experience God’s enablement in the leadership of Tele-Missions to reach countless lives for our Lord Jesus Christ.