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Born to Preach tells the riveting life story of Rev. Dr. Gordon Anderson, whose travels, triumphs and action-packed adventures with people, wildlife and airplanes will captivate and sway the hearts of young and old readers alike. Using his hearty optimism, sharp wit and charming sense of humor, Dr. Anderson provides readers with a heartwarming glimpse into his personal and family history. Through his extensive music and preaching ministry that spanned over seven decades and included radio and TV audiences, is it any wonder that Dr. Anderson touched thousands of lives and multiple generations? An inspirational, humorous, poignant read, Born to Preach is sure to extend the legacy of Rev. Dr. Gordon Anderson far beyond his family, friends, and expansive seventy-year ministry.


The long-awaited and much anticipated Journal of my father’s life’s
journey is finally published and ready for delivery “Born to Preach” the
amazing journey and adventures of an evangelist—Pastor… An autobiography that will
encourage and challenge coming generations……. Books are available upon
request.  The book is $15 each with $9.00 shipping.

You can request your copy of Born to Preach by sending an email to
info@telemissions.org  or you can mail your request to Tele-Missions
International; P.O.Box 631, Oxford, GA 30054.  Books are also
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