July 2016 Newsletter

     We have experienced sorrow and terror that has struck all of our hearts Sunday, June 12, 2016 as an enemy within our own city of Orlando moved with subtle disguise concentrating his suicidal despotism to the glory of his fanatical religion cursing Americans with diabolical hatred and annihilating anger against civilization.  The shock waves of this tragic event and subsequent threats will continue to reverberate around the world as this memorial picture above clearly shows.

    How could this happen in America again and again?  Our president and government leaders have all united in calling America to pray, pray, pray.  Conversely, our society has banned prayer from our schools and many national events.  Prayer has been minimized in our homes and even in our churches.  God warned Israel and the city of Jerusalem to 

repent or judgement would come as prophesied by Isiah.  We must all heed God’s wake up call and return to His Holy house of prayer and confess our sins and lack of commitment and dedication unto our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Thank God for every moment that He gives us on planet Earth to share the good news of salvation.  We unite in prayer for the many bereaved families, for our policemen, and EMS workers. 

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