You can become a part of the Tele-Missions World-Wide Fellowship


Tele-Missions International is a non-denominational fellowship of believers. You can become a part of the fellowship and share with hundreds of others the joy of helping reach a lost world for Jesus Christ.

There are no membership fees. The only requirement is that you love Christ with all your heart and are anxious to share Him with others.

If you will just complete the mailing card below we will add your name to our list of faithful brothers and sisters who pray for this work daily. Each month you will receive our “Focus on Faith” newsletter to keep you up to date on what Tele-Missions is doing.

It may be that you will want to become involved in the work of Tele-Missions through your financial support. If so, we invite you to make a faith promise to the work. A faith promise is one of the most effective and exciting ways to give. It is not a pledge but a promise to give as God makes it possible for you to do so. It is effective because God never fails and it is exciting because it enables you to see how God makes things possible when human resources fail.