Our Mission Statement

Our educational philosophy is based on the belief that early Christian education provides an essential part of the development and growth of a cDSC0064.JPGhild. Therefore, it is our desire to see each child grow mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.  The Shepherd’s Little Family strive to provide a loving and stimulating environment where each child is seen as unique, respected, valued and nurtured, assisting them in reaching their full potential.  We are committed to excellence, quality and integrity aiming to foster a secure and happy environment to enhance good and positive child development.  Our qualified and dedicated teachers strive to provide a structured yet flexible learning environment that fosters active learning.

Our Purpose and Goals

Our program is designed to promote developmentally appropriate practices, our activities focus on the process of learning. Therefore, the emphasis is on the experiences of the children rather than the results of those experiences. For example, painting is more important than what was painted; building with blocks is more important than what was built. Each child has his or her own sets of possibilities unfold.

Your child’s days are filled with planned and spontaneous moments of learning. There is time allowed for active outdoor play, imaginative games, independent discovery, and group activities.