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Welcome! This is Dr. Gordon S. Anderson, Jr. Executive Director of Tele-Missions International. This website is dedicated to Telling Multitudes the Good News…..

It is our sincere prayer that you too will be blessed by the Focus on Faith testimonies and that you will also receive a blessing by the many outstanding reports from our missionaries and scholarship recipients made possible by people just like you. Yes, simply through our “Worldwide Fellowship of Christians in Action” - dedicating their lives in prayer and partnership to help reach people for Christ!

As Executive Director of Tele-Missions International, it is my sincere hope that this website will be a continuous blessing and Ministry to all of our viewers….. we hope to hear from you… God bless you!

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Since 1954, we have labored to help inspire people to Focus their Faith on the Lord Jesus Christ through five very fruitful branches, and these are our multiple ministries

  1. Our primary branch is Evangelism, “Telling Multitudes the Good News!” by Preaching, by Witnessing, by Literature, by broadcasting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. Our Mission is truly “Helping Others Around the Word,” . . . as we support Evangelical missionaries around the globe . . .
  3. TMI broadcasts on television weekly across the densely populated suburbs of New York City, reaching multitudes for Christ with our “Focus on Faith” series, plus Gordon Sr. and Jr. preaching the Gospel.
  4. Our unique Scholarship Program, born in 1966, is another branch of God’s Vine bearing “much fruit that remains” since the death of my nineteen-year-old son, Paul Timothy Anderson.  He died of a cerebral hemorrhage following a basketball game at Houghton College.  In his memory, Tele-Missions established this prolific Memorial Scholarship Fund.  To date, the Lord has enabled us to give 312 Scholarships to aid needy young people preparing for Christian Service at Evangelical Colleges and Seminaries.  Many of them are serving Christ around the globe today.  
  5. This  Website,  which will acquaint you with the ongoing work of Tele-Missions International.  We invite you to become involved in global outreach for Christ.

Timeless Testimony with
Wonderful Words of Life!



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Quadriplegic, explains how she found strength in Christ.
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